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Champagne Taste on a Shoestring Budget

Is this something that you've ever been accused of having?

If so, you will most certainly feel my pain when it comes to the topic of Pilates. I’ve told you in other posts before about how I started my movement teaching career as a Personal Trainer with no overhead as an independent business owner. I eventually tried Pilates and in time began to teach what many perceive to be the most expensive form of exercise ever. As I learned more about the Pilates method, I began collecting pieces of the apparatus for my home based studio and saw the value of paying other teachers to help me understand how to improve my form and the quality of my movements.

Fast forward to today, my studio contains almost all of top of the line original Pilates apparatuses, and I have several clients who take private or semi private lessons with me on a weekly basis. In my last blog, I explained that the original system didn’t necessarily involve taking private or even semi private lessons forever. While it is still extremely beneficial to take at least one private lesson weekly, biweekly, or monthly, it behooves the practitioner to get the work in his or her body on a more independent and consistent basis. The goal of Joseph Pilates was to have students practicing the work four times each week.

With this in mind, I’ve created the open gym hours so that you may visit the studio, touch and feel the Pilates equipment, and perhaps exercise on it all by yourself! These open gym hours are conducted early in the morning or afternoon on weekdays and Saturday morning and/or Sunday afternoon on weekends.

The open gym visits are only ten dollars and you can be in the studio a full hour or even two hours if space and time allows. There are several visual references inside the studio for your perusal and utilization. A fully certified and experienced Pilates teacher will always be in the studio during these hours and we will do our very best to make sure you don’t fall on your head, bust a lip, or twist a body part.

Come on, don’t be scared! Give me, Jenn Allen a call at 678-429-1030. You can also send a text to that same number. We will discuss how you might best incorporate a regular Pilates practice into your routine. Pilates can become your primary source of exercise or will more likely be used to enhance and improve other forms of movement as you strive to achieve and maintain a fit, uniformly developed, and healthy body and mind.

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