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Jenn's New Classes Using Zoom: Starting Tomorrow at 9am!

Hi! Many thanks to everyone who filled out the survey that I sent out last week. Your time is so valuable, and I really appreciate it. Let's manage our stress and improve our immune systems with exercise! You will be amazed at how well I can watch your form and make adjustments on this virtual platform. Please send this to your friends.

Based on the survey results, I have created a schedule of group classes to be conducted on Zoom. These classes will be thirty minutes in length. That said, if we get to the thirty minute mark and we feel like going a little longer, then we will! The price for each class is $10 for a single class and $80 for a package of ten classes. Let me know if you are interested as soon as possible so that we can prepare! I'll need to go over how to set up your computer or phone in relation with your mat. I'll also need to send you three things via e-mail:

1. an invoice for you to pay online

2. a new waiver form that covers liability for online classes (You can just sign it online.)

3. an invitation to the zoom meeting

Please forward this to friends and reach out to me if you have questions and comments.

Saturday @9 am - Pilates Mat with or without props

Monday @7 am - Pilates Mat with small hand weights

Tuesday @12 pm - Muscle endurance and cardio with or without props

Wednesday @6 pm - Pilates Mat with or without props

Thursday @9 am - Release and strengthen your muscles with the foam roller

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