Jennifer received the status of Certified Pilates Teacher by the Pilates Method Alliance in August of 2015. She has been teaching movement since 2007. In 2012, Jennifer became certified by the American Council on Exercise, which is a nationally accredited certification based on scientifically proven methods for improving fitness levels both safely and effectively. She has been teaching Pilates since 2012 and is a fully trained comprehensive Pilates teacher through Balanced Body. Jennifer is passionate about Pilates and many other forms of exercise that will help her customers feel better by creating freedom in movement and by motivating them to do fun and interesting workouts!


As the owner of Jennifer Allen Pilates and Personal Training, Jennifer has more than eight years of experience in teaching. After receiving the ACE Certification in 2012, she immediately began pursuing Pilates certification by taking the following modules:


•STOTT Mat Intensive Plus

•Balanced Body Reformer 1, 2, 3

•Balanced Body Trapeze / Tower

•Balanced Body Chair

•Balanced Body Barrels




Jenn Allen sitting by Pilates Chair

Jennifer passed the Balanced Body comprehensive test-out in June of 2015. She is equipped to design and execute a dynamic and individualized Pilates workout just for you. Jennifer lives in Atlanta and is married with three children.




Balance Chair
Balance Chair

Looks harder that it seems :)


The studio is in the northeast corner of Atlanta, GA between spaghetti junction and Tucker, GA. We will utilize a full array of equipment for your program including:


*Pilates Designs Reformer

*Pilates Designs Cadillac

*Legacy Wunda Chairs

*Legacy High Chair

*Legacy Folding Mats

*Gratz Baby Arm Chair

*Gratz Spine Corrector

*Dumbells in all sizes

*Balanced Body Ladder Barrel

*Pilates Lineage Foot Correctors

*Pilates Lineage  Airplane Board

*Pilates Lineage Foot Board

*ActivMotion Bars

*Myofascial Release Tools

*Yoga Blocks and Straps