Joseph Pilates' method of movement strengthens and stretches your body simultaneously through the use of uniquely designed body-weight exercises as well as exercises that use metal spring tension on a variety of machines that he designed.  It is a transformative way of teaching movement that lengthens your body from end to end and in all directions creating freedom of movement and beautiful posture. Jennifer teaches Pilates via private sessions on the apparatus as well as semi-private sessions on either mats or apparatus.






Pilates Training

Pilates workouts help to decompress the joints throughout the spine from the base of your skull all the way to your tail-bone.  This increases the flow of spinal fluid having a direct effect on your overall health and vitality.  Pilates also prevents injury and back pain by addressing muscle imbalances in the body.  Many people use Pilates as a post-rehab exercise program after completing treatment of an injury.  We don't just stretch and strengthen individual muscles.  Every exercise is designed by Joseph Pilates to create total body movement, improve coordination, focus, posture, breath, and increase strength and freedom of movement throughout the whole body.  


Pilates Trio Classes

• $35 per person for a one-hour small group session with a maximum of three people. Ask in writing to be wait listed and include your availability for these classes.


Pilates Private Session Pricing

• $75 for one hour on the Pilates Apparatus or Personal Training

• $55 per person for one hour of Pilates or Personal Training with One Friend

• $40 per Half-Hour for One-on-One Training

• $30 per Half-Hour per Person if You Train with One Friend


Jenn teaching Pilates clients