When you want to take it to another level with your fitness, personal training is for you.  Jennifer is a highly trained professional who was certified by the American Council on Exercise.  This means that she knows a scientifically proven method for progressing you in a safe and efficient way.  Jennifer will design a unique recipe of exercises that will help you meet your specific goals such as increased muscle definition through muscle endurance and strength exercises, cardio exercises, flexibility, and agility training.





Jenn Allen teaching an abdominal exercise at the gym


Personal Training is convenient and customized to suit your needs.  You design the time and select an agreeable location that works for you. Jennifer will design unique workouts specifically to meet your goals in a safe and effective way. This might involve sprint training, weight training, body-weight exercises, HIIT, agility training, Pilates, and resistance stretching.


Personal Training Pricing

• $40 per Half-Hour for One-on-One Training

• $30 per Half-Hour per Person if You Train with One Friend

• $75 for one hour on the Pilates Apparatus or Personal Training

• $55 per Person for one hour of Pilates or Personal Training with One Friend