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New Equipment Added to the Studio Today!

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Today, we received two new Foot Correctors and The Kathy Grant Foot Board in the mail from Pilates Lineage. Pilates Lineage is a company that makes this equipment based on the dimensions and materials that Joseph Pilates used when he invented them a hundred years ago. Many times in Pilates, you may hear some one say, "Feet are the foundation of your movement." This is true!

This morning, I was leaving the house to take my daughter and her friend around town when I noticed the package from Pilates Lineage had arrived. With no time to play Pilates, I placed the package inside and left the house. After I got home, I had about twenty minutes to unpack everything and do a little mini workout for my feet before my first afternoon client arrived. Even after just a few short minutes using these two little pieces of equipment, my whole body felt transformed.

The Foot Corrector consists of a metal base and contoured plate that is attached to strong springs on either side underneath, and the resistance from these springs is used to train your feet to work evenly. You press down with even pressure across the foot at various points aligning and connecting all of the muscles of the hip correctly and, like everything we do in Pilates, we engage the core and lengthen the spine while practicing familiar movements such as foot work in a vertical position. This may be done as an alternative to the foot work on the Reformer. As you begin to familiarize yourself with how your body moves through space with full support on the back of the body moving along a straight plump line with good posture, it is important to challenge this in an upright position without that support as you begin to assimilate the Pilates work into everyday life.

Kathy Grant is considered one of the Pilates elders because she was one of the few people to be trained directly by Joseph Pilates. Kathy adhered the shape of this foot board in place of the foot bar permanently onto one of her Reformers in order to help practitioners lengthen the toes over the foot board and apply even pressure on the toe joints similar to how you would use the Two by Four or the Foot Corrector. Not accidentally, the width of the Foot Board and the width of the plate on the Foot Corrector is the same. Fast forward to today, Kathryn Ross-Nash was inspired by this and designed the board to be used as a prop such that the board has to be held up against the foot bar on the Reformer using a consistent amount of pressure vis-a-vis elongation originating from the power house. While extending and returning the carriage, the teacher and practitioner will know if any connection in the body has lost tone and symmetry because the board falls on the floor or shoots up over the foot bar. It's a brilliant tool for you to have feedback and awareness of your body, improve alignment, symmetry, and even muscle development.

These are truly amazing inventions that you can use to improve your alignment and more importantly, the way you feel in your body during all of your other activities. Contact me at 678-429-1030 to set up your own personalized Pilates session.

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